First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Adult Forum/HUUmanist Meeting

Adult Forum features speakers on current events, local institutions and programs.  Meets 9:45—10:45am, Jaggers Parlor.  Contact Lorraine Levine 817-277-9395, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

October 2, 2016
Bill Maginnis will give one of his presentations of a TED talk or other
interesting YouTube material.

October 9
(HUUmanist Meeting) “Being Mindful of Diverse Genders, a Humanist Perspective.”
Andy Ordiway is an agender member of the First Jefferson UU community and will be talking
about what that means. Andy will be offering insight into gender diversity from an
anthropological and scientific perspective.

October 16
Jody Powell will speak about “How to keep kids safe in an on-line world.”
He works in computer security for Cooks Children’s Hospital.

October 23
Frtha Robinson will speak on one aspect of what keeps people in poverty.

October 30
Bill Maginnis will present another one of his exciting TED talks or YouTube

Youth and teens, don’t let the "adult" in Adult
Forum fool you. Any week in which there is no
class or curriculum for you to attend, you are
welcome to participate in adult forum. Some
of the topics might interest you.

As always, we welcome people from church who want to speak or arrange for guest speakers at the forum. Please try to be on time, especially when there are non-church speakers. That way, they can start sooner and give you more of a chance to ask questions.

We have speaking vacancies coming up,
so let’s have your ideas for contacts and
programs. We also have a new DVD player,
so if you have something to show us,
please arrange a time for us to see it.

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