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at 11:00 a.m.

October 2, 2016
“When Good People Make Bad Choices”
The Reverend Jennifer Innis
One of the great mysteries of the time is
why people we like make decisions that hurt
themselves or the world. Of course, if only
they listened to us, everything would be so
much better.
Is this true? What about our own choices?
Thank you, Paulette Holland, for requesting
this topic. Paulette was one of the high
bidders for the sermon from last year’s
In recognition of the Jewish High Holy
Days the choir will sing Hine Mah Tov
(Behold how pleasant it is to dwell together)
on October 2. The music is by Simon
Sargon of Temple Emanuel and SMU
in Dallas. Andrew Pierce will play violin

October 9
“The Advice we Give Ourselves”
Julie Cecil
What are the things you offer yourself
and others as advice? From what kind of
experiences in life has that advice been
learned? Come and explore the roots of the
deep truths we each hold and see how our
experiences have the power to shape what
we share as imparted wisdom.
Julie Cecil is a member of First Jefferson. She
is a chaplain at Texas Health Fort Worth and is
in the Ministerial Fellowship process with our
Unitarian Universalist faith for endorsement of
her clinical ministry.

October 16
“The Quest”
The Reverend Jennifer Innis
From a 1000-mile religious pilgrimage to
boldly going where no one has gone before,
humans swap tales of the grand journey
in the search for enlightenment. What is
the liberal church’s adventure of the spirit
when the politics and social concerns are
increasingly muddy and rough?

October 23
“Myths of Handedness”
Tina Harmuth
We search for truth and meaning. We strive
to create an environment where all can seek
knowledge in freedom. We better ourselves
and our world through learning and by
applying what we learn. But sometimes that
requires un-learning certain things - freeing
ourselves of beliefs we didn’t even realize we
held, or those that part of us doesn’t want to
let go.

October 30
“A Time to Remember: El Dia de los Muertos”
The Reverend Jennifer Innis and Congregation.
We close this month’s theme of quest for
truth is our sacrament by entering a time
of sorrow, memory, and love for those we
remember. This service is in the style of El
Dia de los Muertos, the Central American
practice of honoring the dead. You are
welcome to bring photos or small items and
add them to the ofrenda. There will be a time
for brief sharing of names during the service.
This service is for all ages. Please join us.

November 6
“Across the Universe”
The Reverend Jennifer Innis
When reaching across the aisles seems
more and more difficult for our political
leaders, what is our response to the divisions
between us? How do we prepare for the
morning after the election on November 8?


Rev. Jennifer Innis

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