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Sunday Morning Worship
at 11:00 a.m.

February 1, 2015
“Religion: Do You Take it With or Without?”
The Reverend Annie Foerster
Unitarian Universalists are good at
discarding the religious language that
creates problems with their beloved Reason
and Logic. Out goes the language and
out goes the accompanying concept. Yet
the rest of the world is still talking about
these things, leaving us nothing to say in
response—or at best, protesting with a
defensive response. Could we use our R
and L to chip away the misunderstandings
between us? Let’s try. Let’s be brave and
jump right into the biggest kerfuffle. Let’s
talk about God.

February 8, 2015
“Hope Made Manifest”
The Reverend Jennifer Innis
Following on the Vision Workshop from
January 24, worship will include ways to
explore the core values expressed by those
in attendance: Hope, Joy, Connection,
and Joy. We begin with Hope. Also, all
are invited to join the Children and Youth
Religious Education Council as we thank our
wonderful volunteers during the service.

February 15
“Encounter with Awe”
The Reverend Jennifer Innis
Neuroscientist Paul Pearsall tells us that
“Awe [is an] overwhelming and bewildering
sense of connection with a startling
universe that is usually far beyond the
narrow band of our consciousness.” Rabbi
Abraham Heschel says that “Awe enables
us to see in the world intimations of the
divine...” What is the nature of awe and why
should we care? This service is the second
reflection following on the core values
named by those at the Vision Workshop on
January 24. Please join us.

February 22
“On Being and Becoming”
The Reverend Jennifer Innis and
A service for all ages on the nature of
being and becoming inspired by the story of
the Velveteen Rabbit.

March 1
“Aiming for Joy”
The Reverend Jennifer Innis


Rev. Jennifer Innis

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