First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Upcoming Sermons
Sunday Morning Worship
at 11:00 a.m.

July 5, 2015
“The Testament of Freedom”
Roy Redman & The First Jefferson Choir
We are planning to sing this wonderful
choral piece during the regular Sunday
service on July 5. With words by our
namesake, Thomas Jefferson, and music by
Randall Thompson, one of our pre-eminent
American composers, how can we miss? I
first heard the piece when I was a student
at UNT, and was immediately drawn to
the thoughts expressed, and the dynamic
musical setting. It was written in 1943 to
celebrate the bicentennial of the birth of
Thomas Jefferson, and incorporates words
from several of his important writings. It
begins and ends with the words, powerfully
expressed: “The God who gave us life gave
us liberty.” Special rehearsals will be held on
Wednesday July 1 at 7:30 and Saturday July 4
at 10:00.
Come sing and celebrate with us on July 5.

July 12
“Old Turtle and the Broken Truth”
Intergenerational Service
A Service for All Ages during which we tell
the story of the healing power of truth in a
difficult world.

July 19
“Reflections on the Fifth Principle”
Member Led Service
We affirm “The right of conscience and
the use of the democratic process within
our congregations and in society at large”.
So says the fifth principle of Unitarian
Universalism. Yet the road from principle to
practice is not always easy. What does the
fifth principle tell us about doing the hard
work of building a beloved community?
How do we put this principle into practice
here at First Jefferson? Members of the Board
of Trustees share their personal reflections on
these and other fifth principle questions.

June 26
“The Question Box”
The Reverend Jennifer Innis
This Sunday is the annual Question Box
Sermon. Do you have a burning inquiry about
religion, ethics, current events – or something
completely different? We create the message
together when you provide the questions on
the morning of the service and Rev. Jennifer
does her best to answer as many as possible
during the sermon. Your questions also help
shape the course of worship over the coming
year. Thank you for supporting the free pulpit
and the free pew.
Today’s service includes a special collection
for the Minister’s Discretionary Fund.


Rev. Jennifer Innis

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