First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Upcoming Sermons
Sunday Morning Worship
at 11:00 a.m.

October 4, 2015
“Mysteries and Mystics”
Reverend Annie Foerster
As Unitarian Universalists we are quite
proud of our rational minds, our ability
to think critically and ferret out the truth.
We deny everything that cannot be
substantiated. But how do we know when
we’re finished? How do we know we haven’t
eradicated too much? I’m all for cleaning
out the attic, but shouldn’t some things be
kept for historical purposes, some for their
beauty and some because they might be
useful one day in the future?

October 11
“In Praise of the Moon”
Sacred Hearth Covenant of Unitarian
Universalist Pagans.
The local chapter of CUUPs (Covenant of
Unitarian Universalist Pagans) will offer
a worship that explores the power and
symbolism of the moon.

October 18
“Too Big to Fail”
The Reverend Jennifer Innis
What happens when we risk everything?
Does it help to know that we are failing all
the time? Find out what happens when faith
and hope meets the ever-present reality of
falling far short of our vision.

October 27
“The Shape of Grief”
The Reverend Lora Brandis
The Kubler-Ross five stage model of grief
is a place to start when grieving, but it isn’t
the only way to navigate grief. Grief isn’t
something we move through as if we have
a map. It has its own shape, and according
to the poet Albert Huffstickler, “that’s what
we’re looking for: not the end of a thing but
the shape of it.”
The Reverend Lora Brandis recently returned
home to Texas after serving the Conejo Valley
UU Fellowship in Newbury Park, California.
Before that she served as a consulting minister
to two congregations 150 miles apart in Salt
Lake City, Utah and Pocatello, Idaho. She
received herM.Div from SMU / Perkins School of
Theology, completed her internship at Horizon
UU in Carrollton and was ordained by the First
Unitarian Church of Dallas. Rev. Brandis and her
husband Frank Peña have four adult daughters
and one granddaughter. Rev. Brandis returned
to Dallas to be closer to family and is currently
a freelance minister providing preaching,
weddings and memorial services.

November 1
“Honoring el Dia de los Muertos”
The Reverend Jennifer Innis and
Join us for a time to reflect on death and
celebrate the lives of the loved ones we have
lost. This service is in the style of el Dia de
los Muertos and includes an offrenda and
a chance to share with the congregation.
All are welcome to bring a small token of
remembrance to add to the offrenda during
the worship. Remember that this weekend
we Fall Back an hour on Saturday night.
Please bring a dish to share for the first
Sunday potluck, too.


Rev. Jennifer Innis

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