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March 4, 2018
“Diversity: The Devil in the Details”
The Reverend Annie Foerster
When we spoke of diversity in the past, it was about our unique creedlessness and the resulting diversity of our theological beliefs—a task achieved. But more and more our conversations are about ethnicity, culture and race. They are about the fact that we haven’t achieved what we assume we should. Where do we go from here? There will be a table reserved during the potluck for discussion of the service or questions for the speaker.

March 11
“The Hero’s Journey: The Road of Trials”
The Reverend Annie Foerster
In every mythical hero’s journey there is a difficult task, a trial to overcome—slay the dragon, save the kingdom, outwit the ogre. In every life, the same—fi nish the thesis, raise the children, save a nest egg. Just because they seem more “ordinary” than the storybook hero’s, doesn’t mean your life’s trials aren’t difficult and often life-changing.

March 18
The Reverend Samuel Schaal

March 25
“All You Have to Do is…”
The Reverend Annie Foerster
Sometimes, when a person joins a Unitarian Universalist church, he or she is told, “All you have to do is sign the membership book.” While it’s true we have no creedal tests or behavioral rules, there are still expectations. Participation—showing up regularly—is one of them. Working through your theological issues, but with help from the church community. And sharing—time, talents and treasures. How big are those expectations? I’m reminded of that old song about love— How deep is the ocean? How high is the moon? No easy answers here.

Hero’s Journey Worship Series

The Hero’s Journey is one of those myths that Joseph Campbell discovered existed in almost every culture and religion around the world. He collected these stories for his landmark book, The Hero With a Thousand Faces. These myths, he claimed, are important teaching stories about both the culture and its expectations for the individual.

The Adventures in Religion group has been studying the book and the cultures in which they are found. On January 14 Reverend Annie Foerster began a series of worship services to help explore the individual’s role as “hero.“ Remember this: If you can’t tell your life story with you as the hero, no one else will.


The Reverend Annie Foerster
The Reverend Annie Foerster

The Reverend Marjorie Montgomery
The Reverend Marjorie Montgomery

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